Grön Launches Vapor-Extracted Solventless Edibles in the Oregon Cannabis Market

Grön Launches Vapor-Extracted Solventless Edibles


Portland, Oregon (April 7, 2022) Oregon’s adult-use and medical market now has access to Grön’s Solventless Vapor-Extracted Cannabis Concentrate Infused Sugar-Coated Pearls, Mega Pearls, and Chocolate Bar lineup. The Vapor-Static Extraction process is the first of its kind and a Grön Edibles exclusive in Oregon.

Unlike solvent-free extracts where solvents are removed at the end of the process, vapor-static extraction simply uses temperature and electricity to separate cannabinoids from the cannabis flower. The process uses just 1/14th the energy of conventional CO2 extraction, and its only byproducts are water vapor and compostable cannabis flower material. The solventless concentrate is flavorless and free of all plant starches and sugars, so unlike live rosin edibles, all you taste is handcrafted chocolate and real fruit flavor in all of Grön’s Pearls and chocolate bars.

“It’s the next step in cannabis technology” CEO, Christine Smith explains. “Grön is taking a big step forward by partnering with Lighthouse Inc. to offer vapor-extracted solventless infusions to our Oregon community. The sustainable, high-volume process delivers a product that is good for the customer and good for the earth.”

Since entering the Oregon market in 2015 as one of the few women-owned edibles brands, Grön (pronounced grewn) has set the tone for consistent & thoughtful products with a focus on unique cannabinoid ratios. With high-quality ingredients at the forefront (organic, single-origin, real fruit, Fair Trade Certified), the brand continues to innovate and deliver on delicious, perfectly consistent experiences in the cannabis edibles landscape.

Grön is one of the leading producers of adult-use cannabis-infused edibles. Our passionate team of seasoned executives, chocolatiers, and confectioners come from all over the world and every walk of life, joining together to create something beautifully delicious for you. Our ingredients are organic, single-origin, Fair Trade Certified, and locally sourced whenever possible. Product offerings include cannabis-infused chocolate, Sugar-Coated Pearls, Mega Pearls, and Candy-Coated Pips. Since inception, we’ve led the cannabis edibles category with a vast selection of expanding product lines. Though our foundation is artisan chocolate, product innovation continues to shape our offerings in markets hungry for something new. Grön cannabis edibles are available in Arizona, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Oregon, with multiple new markets online in 2022.

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