sugar-coated SUMMER

Beautifully delicious Sugar-Coated Pearls in a variety of cannabinoid ratios to keep you sparkling all summer long — from sunrise to sunset.

cannabis-infused edibles that taste as incredible as they look

The world’s. most beautifully delicious edibles, formulated with cannabinoid ratios of CBD, CBG, CBN, and THC to give you the perfect experience no matter the time of day. From our fair trade chocolate bars and candy-coated chocolate Pips to our beautifully crafted Sugar-Coated Pearls and single-piece Mega Pearls, your next edible is certain to give you a reason to smile.

women-owned & led

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Grön 3:1 Milk Chocolate - CBG/THC - Daytime Sativa

milk chocolate w/ sea salt

3:1 • CBD/THC

Grön 1:1 Blue Razzleberry Mega Pearl - CBG/THC

blue razzleberry

1:1 • CBG/THC

Grön 1:1:1 Blackberry Lemonade Pearls

blackberry lemonade

1:1:1 • CBD/CBN/THC

cozy up with delicious waffle beanies

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