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Sharing borders with eight other states, it’s no wonder Missouri is one of the friendliest places in the country. With its rolling green pastures and down-to-earth attitude, it’s the perfect place to enjoy the sweeter things in life! We’re so happy to offer our cannabis-infused Sugar-Coated Pearls and Mega Pearls to our Missouri community!

Timeless Limited Edition Holiday Box featuring Grön Dark Chocolate with Raspberry
Grön Sugar-Coated Pearls

Bursting with real fruit, natural fruit flavors, and infused with full-spectrum cannabis extract, our Missouri sugar-coated gummy Pearls are available in a variety of ratios with CBD, CBG, CBN, & THC. They’re perfect to enjoy from home, at your weekend getaway, or while watching the sunset from your favorite patio with friends.

Grön 3:1 Blueberry Lemonade Pearls - CBG/THC - Daytime Sativa

blueberry lemonade

3:1 • CBG/THC

Grön THC Raspberry Lemonade Pearls - 500mg THC Oklahoma


raspberry lemonade


Grön 1:1 Peach Prosecco Pearls - CBD/THC - Hybrid


peach prosecco

1:1 • CBD/THC

Grön 4:1 Pomegranate Pearls - CBD/THC - Hybrid



4:1 • CBD/THC

Grön Pearls Watermelon Oklahoma




Grön 1:1:1 Blackberry Lemonade Pearls

blackberry lemonade

1:1:1 • CBD/CBN/THC

Grön Mega Pearls

Five times larger than our standard Pearls, this single sugar-coated gummy Mega Pearl is packed with real fruit, natural fruit flavors, and available with 50mg and 100mg full-spectrum THC. It’s the perfect grab-and-go gummy for anyone looking for a high dose of THC in a small package.

Gron Blue Razzleberry Mega Pearl

blue razzleberry

1:1 • CBG/THC



strawberry habanero



cherry limeade


Gron Blackberry Mega Pearl


1:1 • CBn/THC

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