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Test Results

As part of our commitment to transparency with our community, we offer our third-party test results on every product batch we produce. Simply enter the batch number (BID) from your Grön product label to access its test results.

New York Test Results

Arizona Test Results

AZBLG4A1723  – 1:1:1 Blackberry Lemonade Pearls

AZBUG3A0523 – 3:1 Blueberry Lemonade Pearls

AZBUG4A2423 – 3:1 Blueberry Lemonade Pearls

AZDVS3B1623 – 1:1:1 Dark Chocolate w/ Vanilla Bean Sea Salt

AZMDBC3B2123 – 1:1 Dark Chocolate Mini Bar

AZMDSS4A1023 – Dark Chocolate Mini Bar

AZMMBC3B0123 – 1:1 Milk Chocolate Mini Bar

AZMMSS4A0523 – Milk Chocolate Mini Bar

AZMRS4A1623 – 3:1 Milk Chocolate w/ Sea Salt

AZPMG4A0523 – 4:1 Pomegranate Pearls

AZPPG4A2723 – 1:1 Peach Prosecco Pearls

AZTABBM4A0623 – 1:1 Blackberry Mega

AZTABBM4A2523 – 1:1 Blackberry Mega

AZTACOM4A0223 – Tropical Twist Mega

AZTALAM4A1023 – Lemonade Mega

AZTARZM4A0523 – 1:1 Blue Razzleberry Mega

AZTARZM4A2523 – 1:1 Blue Razzleberry Mega

AZTASHM4A0323 – Strawberry Habanero Mega

AZBBM2B2323 – 1:1 Blackberry Mega

AZCLM3B0223 – Cherry Limeade Mega

AZCOM2C1223 – Tropical Twist Mega

AZLAM3A2723 – Lemonade Mega

AZPOG3A1823 – Passion Orange Guava Mega

AZRZM3B2823 – 1:1 Blue Razzleberry Mega

AZSAG3B2523 – Sour Apple Mega

AZSHM2B2523 – Strawberry Habanero Mega

• 46 Wellness LLC(D2 Dispensary ): 000000116DCJL00597353

• Absolute Health Care Inc .: 00000027ESMP88938972

• All Rebel Rockers Inc.: 00000131ESYX97720376

• Apache County Dispensary LLC.(Elevate Springerville): 00000133ESGJ79432018

• Arizona Natural Wellness : 00000030ESDG72791381

• Arizona Organix: 00000099DCPL00826691

• AZCL1 : 00000054ESDU93884651

• AZGM3, INC(Zen Leaf Chandler ): 000000126DCSO00060479

• Border Health Inc.(Sticky Saguaro ): 00000108DCVB00423429

• Cannabis Research Group(Story Cannabis Tolleson ): 00000104ESDH57805022

• Catalina Hills Botanical Care: 00000025ESOX62486193

• Compassionate Care of AZ, Inc.(Kompo ): 00000068DCJU00476804

• Curaleaf Michigan Ave: 00000076DCBK00035366

• Desert Medical Campus : 00000038ESPN59181329 – 00000024DCTZ00479209

• Devine Desert Healing Inc.: 00000026ESRZ88769978

• Devine Desert Healing Inc.(Curaleaf Phoenix N 19th ) : 00000026ESRZ88769978

• Dream Green(24th St.): 00000073DCSV00210732 – 00000078ESQ10647381

• Dynamic Trio Holdings LLC.(Cave Creek Cannabis ): 0000001DCQP00496571

• Earth’s Healing Benson: 00000027DCPI00457346

• Forever 46 LLC(The Downtown Dispensary ): 00000057DCHF00477864

• Fort Consulting LLC(Zen Leaf Cave Creek ): 00000105DCOU00194638

• FWA, INC (Farm Fresh): 00000043DCBC00869823

• Gila Dreams X, LLC: 00000137ESPF58509627

• Giving Tree Dispensary: 000000021DCLU00461342

• Globe Farmacy Inc: 00000045DCYU00647140

• Green Hills Patient Center: 00000051DCYH00987523

• GreenPharms Flagstaff: 00000038DCAL00224416

• Hana Green Valley: 00000096DCXQ00231932

• Hana Meds: 00000003DCOU00038157

• Healing Healthcare 3 Inc.: 00000020ESEN67630727

• Joint Junkies I LLC(Story Cannabis Williams ): 0000158ESTLH17620655

• Juicy Joint I LLC(Story Cannabis Kingman ): 0000147ESTXX54706468

• K Group Partners: 00000029ESAA16670843

• Lawrence Health Services LLC : 00000136ESTJ56415147

• Legacy & CO., Inc.: 00000006DCDX00478035 – 00000079ESTS64678211

• MCCSE214 LLC: 0000164ESTEB22806734

• MCCSE240, LLC: 0000169ESTMB88870542

• MCCSE29, LLC(Story Cannabis Lake Havasu ): 0000149ESTUL49249395

• MCCSE82 LLC: 0000165ESTJX05511145

• MK Associates LLC: 00000143ESKB17654619

• Mohave Cannabis Club 1 LLC: 00000098ESAA47054477 – 00000098ESAA47054477

• Mohave Cannabis Club 2, LLC: 00000111DCCI00384281 – 000000119ESKK32735375

• Mohave Cannabis Club 3, LLC: 00000133DCEJ00283862 – 000000122ESRN95872973

• Mohave Cannabis Club 4, LLC: 00000123DCYU00460808 – 00000107ESVJ79465811

• Natural Herbal Remedies INC.(CuraLeaf Central Hub ): 00000058ESFA63267513

• Natural Remedy Patient Center: 00000125ESMC92036121

• Nature’s Healing Center Inc.(The Flower Shop PHX Hub ): 00000041ESLU31226658

• Natures Medicines Happy Valley: 00000013DCOU00042197

• Natures Wonder: 00000089ESLW87335751

• Patient Alternative Relief Center(Local Joint by Zen Leaf ): 00000091DCWY00555666

• Perpetual Healthcare Inc(Zen Leaf Dunlap ): 00000033DCCK00134006

• Phoenix Cannabis Club Hub: 00000104ESDH57805022

• Phoenix Relief Center: 00000095DCVW00172644

• Phytotherapeutics of Tucson: 00000049ESUK39624376

• Pinal County Wellness Center : 00000059ESZW76539792

• Piper’s Shop LLC: 00000138ESOA91816349

• Pleasant Plants I LLC(Story Cannabis Bisbee ): 0000159ESTFT57497963

• Ponderosa Dispensary Chandler: 00000066DCBO00410690

• Ponderosa Releaf: 00000066DCBO00410690

• PP Wellness Center: 00000050ESTO08528992

• RJK Ventures: 00000131DCYO00924714

• Salubrious Wellness Clinic: 00000097DCGK00454998

• Sea of Green LLC: 00000113DCUX00454549

• Sixth Street Enterprises Inc(Story Cannabis Grand ): 00000014DCHT00564851

• Sixth Street Interprises Inc.(Story Cannabis McDowell ): 00000088DCXB00897085

• Soothing Options LLC: 00000094DCTJ00667966

• Story Cannabis Oasis North: 00000100DCWU00857159

• Story Cannabis Revlon Hub: 00000100DCWU00857159

• Sunday Goods TEMPE 723: 00000114DCPD00232092

• Sunday Goods: 00000070DCBD00783295

• The Flower Shop Tukee: 00000046DCYJ00671222

• The Healing Center Farmacy: 00000004DCKF00438872

• The Kind Relief: 00000053ESYR15319850

• The Medicine Room(Zen Leaf Mesa ): 00000084ESFH12297246

• The Superior Dispensary: 00000065DCLV00799347

• Total Health & Wellness INC(Story Cannabis Glendale ): 00000051ESYP04501588

• Total Health & Wellness INC(Story Cannabis South ): 00000036DCOP00819772

• Vending Logistics LLC(Zen Leaf Gilbert ): 00000043ESPE02331128

• Verde Dispensary Inc.(Medusa Farms): 00000089DCQY00546716

• Whoa QC Inc: 00000069ESPV40435704

• White Mountain Health Center: 00000103DCDR00369521

• Yavapai Herbal Services Inc: 0000156ESTDP70697204

• Yuma County Dispensary LLC: 00000145ESNP12373673

• ZonaCare: 00000024ESUV84524312

Your product’s batch number can be found on the side or back panel of the product packaging. The batch number may look something like this: WMG4A2521. Enter the batch number on your product package in the search field to retrieve the test results.

If, for some reason, the search is unable to find your batch test results, don’t stress! We may have a bug in the system! Please reach out and let us know so we can fix the issue, as you might not be the only one having an issue!

If your product label differs ever-so-slightly, don’t worry, it’s normal! The reason is explained below.

When reading your batch test results PDF, you’ll notice that there are actually two different test result pages. The first is called the primary test result and the second is the duplicate. The two tests are taken in different ways to ensure that the test machinery obtains a broad enough sample of each batch to determine the overall presence of THC, CBD, and minor cannabinoids. Grön, like any cannabis processing facility, takes these lab results and calculates the average between the two in order to most accurately label each individual product in the batch with the milligrams of THC/CBD.

If you’re having trouble finding your test results, please email us at

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