Grön Introduces CBC-Infused Tangelo Pearls To Cannabis Edibles Market

Grön 2:1:1 Tangelo Pearls - THC/CBC/CBG

A New Product from Grön: CBC-Infused Tangelo Pearls

The cannabis edibles world has just been elevated once again with the introduction of a fresh flavor and cannabinoid ratio in our Pearls product line: Tangelo 2:1:1 (THC/CBC/CBG). Far more than just a new product in the market, our Tangelo Pearls represent a significant leap forward in effect-based ratios, showcasing the rising star in the minor cannabinoid world – CBC, which we fondly refer to as the “happy cannabinoid.” 

Grön Introduces CBC-infused Tangelo Pearls to Cannabis Market

CBC offers a unique energetic buzz that promises to transform the daytime adult-use cannabis experience. This addition to our offering is not merely a product; it’s a new reimagining of what cannabis edibles can be for people looking for the sativa-like effects not as commonly found on the edibles shelf. 

Grön Introduces CBC-infused Tangelo Pearls to Cannabis Market

The Unique Appeal of Tangelo Pearls

A Fresh Cannabinoid Experience with a Citrus Twist: Tangelo Pearls introduce CBC, a cannabinoid commonly known for its mood-enhancing properties, in a delicious tangelo flavor – just in time for citrus season! This key ingredient, combined with CBG and THC, offers a distinctive experience compared to traditional THC products, providing a highly alert boost that’s perfect for any time of the day. 

  • Energizing and Mood-Enhancing: Our new formulation was developed to elevate mood and provide an energizing buzz, akin to sativa strains. Ideal for those seeking a potent, cerebral high and a boost to their day. 
  • Targeted Benefits for Daytime Use: Tangelo Pearls are perfect for daytime, promoting productivity and engagement in daily tasks.
Grön 2:1:1 Tangelo Pearls Sativa Effects

A Unique Blend of Cannabinoids: THC/CBC/CBG

  • THC: Included for mood elevation and pain relief at 10mg per Pearl (100mg per package).  
  • CBC: The star ingredient, offering mood improvement at 5mg per Pearl (50mg per package) 
  • CBG: Enhances alertness, especially when combined with THC & CBC, at 5mg per Pearl (50mg per package) 
Grön Introduces CBC-infused Tangelo Pearls to Cannabis Market

Where To Find Tangelo Pearls

Tangelo Pearls can be purchased at most adult-use retail outlets we work with across Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Missouri, and New Jersey. Click on the map to find a retailer near you or visit us here.

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