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Grön Blackberry Mega CBN and THC Gummies for Sleep

CBN Edibles: The Key to Deep, Restorative Sleep

Tossing and turning through the night is a common plight, leaving many yearning for the elusive embrace of deep sleep. Achieving 6 to 9 hours of peaceful slumber is crucial for maintaining optimal health and productivity. A noteworthy study by Washington State University, involving over 1,200 participants, revealed a growing trend: more than 80% of individuals have replaced traditional sleep aids with cannabis products in their quest for better sleep.

Grön Blackberry Mega CBN and THC Gummies for Sleep

We’ve responded to this demand by crafting the ultimate sleep-promoting edible, enriched with cannabinol (CBN). Known as the “sleepy cannabinoid,” CBN is a byproduct of THC and CBD aging and offers promising benefits for those struggling to unwind, fall asleep, or stay asleep. Particularly when combined with THC, CBN’s effectiveness in fostering rest is enhanced, making it an intriguing option for individuals facing sleep challenges.

Introducing the Blackberry Megas

Introducing the Blackberry Megas: dreamy edibles infused with a balanced mix of CBN and THC to support relaxation, ease into sleep, and sustain it. These gummies blend the deep, comforting flavor of ripe blackberries with the invigorating zest of lemon, all made from real fruit to ensure a taste experience unlike any other.

"Forget about counting sheep and dive into a restful night with our Blackberry Megas. Each gummy, packed with a potent combination of CBN and THC, transforms restless evenings into deeply satisfying slumber, one bite at a time."
Christine Smith, Founder & CEO of Grön Confections
Christine Smith
Founder & CEO

Product Highlights: Blackberry Mega

Grön Blackberry Mega CBN and THC Gummies for Sleep

The Blackberry Mega stands out with its 100mg dosage of each cannabinoid, offering a 1:1 ratio for a harmonious effect. This potent formula is designed for those with a higher tolerance to cannabis or anyone seeking exceptional value. With markings for easy division, the gummy can be portioned into smaller, 10mg doses for customizable consumption.

Find our megas At 3 Fifteen Prim0 and COokies St. Louis

Our premium selection, including Mega Pearls, Pearls, and Chocolates, awaits you at 3 Fifteen Primo and Cookies St. Louis. These products promise a consistent, high-quality experience that alleviates stress and enhances life, reflecting Grön’s commitment to authenticity and independence in the cannabis industry.

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